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• They can capture a “url referrer”…meaning…they know and record how 
            someone got to the page hosting the form.  So they can track specific 
            ads or track a visit from a link in a dealer email or off a dealer web site.  
  Clients can then track whether a promotion is in fact attracting the right 
            sort of sales lead along with total leads per ad.
• The forms RESPOND based on the url referrer.  The form / questions 
             can be different  as can the text around based on how “this” person 
   got to the form, meaning, that it can all change depending on the 
   specific  ad clicked or email link clicked.  So the questions can 
            be different AND the confirmation  screen can be different.  If you 
            promised them a pdf e-book the confirmation screen can present the 
   link needed to download that “gift”.
• Each specific page can have a css style sheet so that if the form is 
            embedded in your web site it can LOOK like it was part of your web 
            site:  color .. fonts … all match.
• The forms work on smart phones and tablets 
-- And finally the whole system is also a “data warehouse” allowing clients 
    to download records by date created [so you can download those created
    just this week] and download them by source [e.g. coming from your web 
    site and asking for dealer contact] and by other factors including by 
    specific dealer assigned a sales lead.  Each dealer is assigned  a unique 
    user name and password allowing them at any time to download records 
    assigned to  them.  They can download by “source” [such as IMS Show or 
    web site Dealer Locator], by date range, by intent to buy time frame, or 
    other factors.
-- The system is pre-built to host the information most important to a
    powersports brands such as  Contact Info, whether currently own a
    client brand bike,  VIN number, intent to buy time frame, email, phone, 
    and, whether they have opted in to dealer contact.
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