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Our system allows clients to do this:
-- Test Ride Requests / Contests / Other “Sign Up”:  Collect, store, and 
    distribute to named dealers in real time.  
    We can handle paper forms [after they are key entered] or even demo ride 
    release forms.  We also HOST forms on line.  These forms can be 
    “stand alone” – think KIOSK or tablet – or they can be embedded in your 
    web site or ad landing pages.  They can even be easily “bolted” to dealer 
    web sites.   
    When a form is hosted on a dealer web site – e.g. win a bike --  all “form 
    submissions” are  assigned to that specific dealer irrespective of the 
    signup’s zip code [thus keeping the dealer happy].
-- DISTRIBUTE key customer records to dealers [e.g. bikes coming out of 
    warranty] or booth visitors seeking test rides at an IMS show.  Our system 
    knows your defined market areas per dealer OR we assign each new 
    “sign up”/  record to the “nearest dealer”.  So, you might collect test ride 
    requests using an ad landing page.  In real time we send it to the right 
    dealer based on the sign up’s zip code.  OR we can take a FILE of all names
    collected at an event and the system will sort them and send them to each 
    dealer as an email attachment.   Following an event you can view a report 
    showing the number of new leads sent to each dealer.
-- Allow dealers to UPDATE records: For promotions involving any sort “gift” 
    the system assigns a unique number code to those contacted by email or 
    direct mail allowing the dealer to UPDATE the record with a corrected postal
    address or email address AND prompting the dealer to report whether this is 
    a conquest sale or current owner of your brand and their “time frame” for 
    next purchase or no intent to purchase.  Dealers can also update by name 
-- Should brands care to use them, our web hosted forms are “smart
   forms”.  They are in fact VERY smart.